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Melissa has amassed over 11,000 skydives over her career spanning over two decades and continues to grow!

Melissa boasts 23 skydiving world records in wingsuiting, vertical, upright, and belly largest formations as well as sequential world records. She’s been on many of the organizing teams or participated as a plane captain in almost every event!

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Melissa’s Experience

Through skydiving, Melissa’s leadership skills helped her organize several well-known events such as the USPA National Skydiving Championships, International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame, Sponsorship Liaison to the World Meet, and several boogies.

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My Life Story

I train all my students as if they will be world record holders one day. – melissa lowe

Melissa made her first jump at the age of 5, making her a third generation skydiver. She now has over 11,000 jumps and is an AFF Instructor, Pro Rated and is a Safety & Training Advisor.

Melissa has been a part of the organizing teams of her many successful world records. She’s also organized all over the United States including famous boogies such as, Skydive Chicago’s “Summerfest,” Skydive Carolina’s “Carolina Fest,” Skydive Elsinore’s “Chick’s Rock”, and Skydive Orange’s “Orange Boogie,” as well as events in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Italy as a headlining athlete.

She is also the creator of 4-Way VFS competitive skydiving, co-owner of Skydive Chicago from 2003-2007, then branched off on her own into the marketing realm having been the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Skydive Arizona to now working as a Digital Marketer with Dropzone Marketing – a reputable marketing agency in the industry.

Melissa is an author of 2 successfully published books, Sugar Alpha and Charlie Bravo. She also writes for many skydiving industry magazine articles including Parachutist, Blue Skies Magazine, and Skydive Mag online.

Melissa is now a part of the Project 19 Women’s Vertical World Record organizing team as well as a member of the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team as well as still current instructs students and hosts online courses for upcoming professional skydivers.

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